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Credit Scoring AI

Predicts the probability that a person will repay a loan, by training on historical loan outcomes - combines credit bureau and other data sources as input. Able to combine thousands of different data features to predict a probability.

Significant improvement in loan default rates.


Fraud detection AI

An AI fraud detection system, Dexter is able to characterise client responses behaviour and detect anomalous behaviour by monitoring various data sources in the prevention of fraud. This system monitors a variety of data sources.

Flagging of suspicious loan applications.


Virtual Assistant

To streamline operations, TESS is a text-based virtual assistant that assists customers during the loan application process. Its text-based interface on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger aims to enhance and personalise the user experience.

Automated support and responses to questions, assistance with loan applications and alternative way to e.g. browse a website (through a text interface).


Real-time Client Intelligence

Charlie, our churn prevention system, receives real-time information about existing clients and contact them about new product offerings when applicable.

Real-time info on clients


Proactive collections AI

To boost the efficiency of collections, MyBucks Artificial Intelligence Collections Algorithm (MAICA) takes proactive steps to reduce the occurrence instance of missed payments by monitoring client credit profiles. MAICA continually monitors client credit profiles and other data sources to maximise collections.

Significant improvement in collection rates.


Loan Intelligence System

To increase the number and quality of loans, Donte, a loan update system, monitors client behaviour during and after the loan application process. Donte predicts a client’s next loan action and communicate automatically with the client.

Monitors client behaviour


Income and Expenses calculator

Towards the goal of end-to-end loan applications and a fully digital experience, Automated MyBucks Income and Expenses calculator (AMIE) implements Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that streamlines the digitisation of bank statements and automatically classifies income and expense transactions that are used to calculate affordability.

Automated MyBucks Income and Expenses calculator.