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MyBucks was built by people who deeply understand how financial technology uplifts communities and changes lives.

For this very reason, it has always been more than about software development and ground breaking financial technology. It is about how innovation in these fields can build a better tomorrow.

That’s why we choose leaders who thrive in a technically challenging environment, but who understand the broader impact of how software, marketing and social solutions in the FinTech space affect lives beyond their own.

Across the breadth of where we operate, our people are leaders in their fields, with an understanding that their work is always growing and adapting. They thrive on its evolution and work to ever-refine our vision.

As we build the complete digital bank together, bringing seamless financial products and services to new markets around the world, these are the people we invest in - the very professionals who are the lifeblood of who we are.

1.5 million active users

The number that we enable, empower and build.

1100 employees

Leaders, visionaries and experts in their fields, these are the people who help create the MyBucks vision.


Dave van Niekerk

Executive Chairman

Neville Graham

Chief Credit Officer

Andries van Wyk

Chief Information officer

Dr Christiaan van der Walt

Chief Technology officer

Mark Vivier

Group Head of Banking

Nic Louw

Head of Legal & Compliance

Riaan Paul

CFO Africa

Rainer Küsel

Head of Internal Audit

Sergey Gorchakov

Group Financial Controller

Llewellyn Gerber

Head of Corporate Finance

Kiara Jansen van Vuuren

Head of Compliance

Gustaf Wessels

HOD – Business Architecture

Bryce Pieterse

Collections Executive

Michelle Calitz

Insurance Executive

Celliers Inggs

Head of Software Development

Annemi Mennen

Head of Marketing

Claire Morton

Head of Human Resources

Mark Young

CEO of Southern Africa

Country Execs

Paul Walshe


Marthin De Kock


Jaco Coetzee


Michael Hodgkiss


Zandile Miriam Shaba


Pieter van der Merwe


Charmaine Diergaardt


Michal Gebala


Mark Young

South Africa

Abraham Fourie


Tineyi Mawocha


Barkat Ali


Terrence Wilson Mudangwe


Sean Southgate