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Client acquisition on the move
Instant credit by starting up a conversation
Nano loans paid real time into your mobile wallet

When lending empowers

With financial technology that works to empower people and SMEs through small loans, simple-to-engage micro and nano-lending platforms are key components in our digital bank offering. Transcending traditional banking, it enables financial inclusion, empowering individuals and small businesses across 14 countries.

2.1million loans

MyBucks and its subsidiaries have issued over 2.1 million loans with a value of over €390 million.

Haraka for instant loans

Haraka provides quick instant loans to those ignored by traditional banks. Loan applications are made on a smartphone, and client identity is verified through social media. By utilising the data contained on the phone, loan affordability and credit risk is calculated by AI algorithms. These algorithms utilises wallet transactions, behavioural data and public social media information to select the best clients. The loan is accessible in remote areas and there is no need for the client to visit a bank branch. Loans are issued to a mobile wallet in less that 5 minutes. No paperwork required! Loan amounts can be as small as $1 and as big as $50. Since Haraka is 100% digital and cloud based, it is always available to disburse a new loan, even in the middle of the night or on Sundays.

Empowering SMEs the simple way

Within the communities we operate, GetBucks’ impact is considerable, allowing for entrepreneurial development and broader financial inclusion from the palm of a hand. This strategic focus on small and medium sized businesses has proven exceptional value as a FinTech investment.

Our digital lending channels use Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can credit-score customers who has never been banked before.

Platforms we love for the lending we need

Operating in 14 countries, GetBucks develops sophisticated digital lending products such as the highly successful Haraka app, including innovative WhatsApp and Facebook lending technology. These familiar platforms undertake autonomous action in the securing of small loans, maximising collections and protecting customers.

Instant loans without the baggage

Making use of social media data, SMS analysis and traditional financial information, our proprietary technology is able to perform almost-instant credit scoring through artificial intelligence, offering empowering loans with little or no credit history.

Our financial technology has made it possible to approve loans within 30 minutes.