Haraka is a smartphone based FinTech solution that provides credit based on client behavioural data.

Haraka utilises cutting edge AI technology to compile social, behavioural and physical data.

In Swahili, haraka means "swiftly". This name is perfect for this quick, efficient financial solutions app.

Haraka allows businesses to better assess client risk without traditional and formal scoring institutions.

API to interface with custom apps. A well-documented API allows for the integration with new and existing apps and IT infrastructure.

White-labelled standalone app can be customised for any branding, application and user flow process.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is the future of lending - without fear, without favour, minimising risk at every juncture.


Credit Scoring AI

Jessie, the credit scoring AI, gathers and analyses client data, allowing for a more accurate affordability assumption to be made, significantly lowering default rates.


Fraud detection AI

Using mobile data, Dexter, the fraud detection AI, finds connections and compares behaviours between clients to identify suspicious behaviour; preventing fraudulent loan applications.

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