MyBucks Foundation enables people through social and financial inclusion


The MyBucks Foundation was born from the belief that everyone deserves to live their best life. We, as a leading digital bank and FinTech company, have a social responsibility to do good in the communities in which we operate. After all, much of what we do across our global and African operations is about enabling and inclusion. From a financial products and services perspective, we are leading the way, empowering people in predominantly unbanked and underbanked communities to bring them the prospect of opportunity, and a doorway into the economy.

But, we must always look to do more. We must always look to strengthen our social impact to maximise the potential for better lives. That’s why we work in various ways to bring about social upliftment and community development. Whether in health, construction or education, financial training or charitable donations, the MyBucks Foundation is about stirring innovation, offering relief, enabling people and bringing about long term social and financial inclusion. This is what drives our key operations across Africa and the world, and what it is that our foundation strives to uphold.

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Poverty in Africa

Every person in Africa deserves the opportunity to build a better life for themselves, their family and their community, poverty free.

The MyBucks Foundation is committed to driving opportunities through education and technology that will assist with eradicating poverty and empower people to build a better life.

  • To eradicate poverty in Africa
  • To create opportunities and empower people to build a better life
  • To bring people together to change the lives of others
MyBucks Foundation

Education, resources and assistance are given – not just hand-outs of money

The ability to be directly involved in a project – travel to the country and give your time

Donate resources beyond money – equipment, clothes, books and time. This would allow other corporates to participate as their CSI projects

The ability to directly change the lives of communities

Focused projects per country allowing the MyBucks Foundation to focus its attention on each project to achieve maximum output.

With a drive to enhance our product development, MyBucks continually looks to new markets to grow through strategic acquisitions.