MyBucks places the first EUR 6m of its new Eurobond

18 April 2017

• Company places EUR 6.1m for first closing with listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange • Local bond placements in Botswana and Zimbabwe closed with first tranches raising approximately EUR 11.5m

Luxembourg, 18 April 2017 - Frankfurt-listed FinTech, MyBucks S.A., today announced that it had raised EUR 6.1m for the first closing of its new Eurobond via private placement. The Eurobond will be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

MyBucks has successfully repaid its first listed Eurobond with a principal amount of EUR 5.1m in February 2017 (placed through a wholly-owned Austrian subsidiary of MyBucks in 2014). MyBucks is pleased to see the majority of the first-time investors return to this issue, and believes that it will be able to raise further funds later this year. The Eurobond carries a coupon of 8.50% payable semi-annually and has a three-year tenor.

In parallel, MyBucks continues its efforts to secure local funding – after successfully placing a BWP 71.8m (EUR 6.3m) Bond on the Botswana Stock Exchange on the 24th February 2017 through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Botswana, the Group today announced the launch of a USD 30m (EUR 28.3m) Bond Programme from its subsidiary in Zimbabwe, with a first tranche of USD 5.4m (EUR 5.1m) to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange on the 26th of April 2017.

Tim Nuy, Deputy CEO of MyBucks, said: “MyBucks is a proven lending machine with an excellent track record in risk management. The more volume we are able to put on our machine, the more operating profits it generates for our shareholders. The successful placements of the various international and local bonds illustrate our ambition to continue to reduce our cost of funding. The proceeds will be utilised both to refinance expensive short-term debt and to drive loan book growth.”