12 May 2016: IPO details announcement (ENG)

12 May 2016


  • FinTech company plans initial public offering on the Regulated Market (General Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for end of May 2016
  • Offer period begins on 13 May 2016 and is expected to end on 24 May 2016
  • Price range is from 13.50 euro to 16.50 euro per share
  • Existing shareholders commit themselves to lock-up period of 18 months
  • MyBucks plans to use proceeds to fund further growth in Africa and Europe

Luxembourg, 12 May 2016 - The FinTech company MyBucks S.A., headquartered in Luxembourg, which is one of the pioneers in the digital micro-finance business, has announced further details of its planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Regulated Market (General Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The offer period begins on 13 May 2016 and is expected to end on 24 May 2016. During this period, investors will be able to subscribe to shares of MyBucks S.A. through the bank Hauck & Aufhäuser. The initial listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is scheduled for 27 May 2016. The company plans to issue 2.0 million new shares via a capital increase as well as up to 300,000 existing shares in connection with a potential over-allotment. The company has granted Hauck & Aufhäuser a Greenshoe option with respect to the shares borrowed to cover such potential over-allotment. Assuming the placement of all new shares and full exercise of the Greenshoe option, the free float in the shares of MyBucks will amount to 18.7 percent of its share capital. The price range has been set from 13.50 euro to 16.50 euro per share. Assuming a placement of all shares at the mid-point of the price range and full exercise of the Greenshoe option, MyBucks expects gross issuing proceeds of approximately 34.5 million euro. The existing shareholders of MyBucks will not sell any shares within the the offer. Instead, the shareholders have committed themselves to a mandatory lock-up period of 18 months from the day of the initial listing of the shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The new shares will have the same rights as the existing shares of MyBucks S.A.

Expansion of offering in Africa and Europe "We offer our customers in Africa and Europe technology-based financial services via digital and mobile channels that make accessing them quick and easy" says Dave van Niekerk, CEO of MyBucks S.A. "This IPO will enable us to introduce our highly scalable MyBucks business model into other countries in Africa and Europe, allowing us to get closer to our objective of becoming a global player." MyBucks is a profitable enterprise that uses its GetBucks, GetBanked and GetSure brands to offer a comprehensive portfolio of financial services, which include credit, banking as well as insurance products. The company is actively engaged in nine African and two European countries with more than 380 employees and over 400 sales agents. During the financial year 2014/15 (ended 30 June), MyBucks generated 31.2 million euro in revenue. Operating profit amounted to 11.1 million euro and profit before taxation was at 5.7 million euro. "MyBucks has had positive earnings, before and after tax, for the third year running. Not many FinTech companies can claim to have achieved such good performance. The IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will assist the company's growth plans," says Tim Nuy, Executive Director of MyBucks S.A.

__Issuing proceeds are to support further corporate growth __ Among other things, MyBucks plans to use the proceeds of the IPO to fund further growth in African and European markets. In addition, MyBucks is now poised to take over a pan-African finance group of the US enterprise Opportunity International Inc. The offering of MyBucks' shares consists of an initial public offering to investors in Luxembourg and Germany as well as private placements to qualified investors outside Germany, Luxembourg and the United States of America in reliance on Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Hauck & Aufhäuser is assisting the IPO as sole global coordinator and sole bookrunner. MyBucks' shares have been assigned the international securities identification number (ISIN) LU1404975507 and the German Securities Code (Wertpapierkennnummer) (WKN): A2AJLT. The securities prospectus is available for download from the website of MyBucks (www.mybucks.com) under Investor Relations.

About MyBucks MyBucks is a FinTech company based in Luxembourg that delivers seamless financial services through technology. Through its brands GetBucks, GetBanked and GetSure the company offers unsecured consumer loans, banking solutions as well as insurance products to customers. MyBucks has experienced exponential growth since its inception in 2011 and today has operations in nine African and two European countries. MyBucks aims to ensure that its product offering is accessible, simple and trustworthy, in comparison to traditional, non-technological methods, ultimately working towards enhancing the benefits to the customer. The MyBucks' product offering enables customers to manage their financial affairs easily and conveniently. Discover more at: www.mybucks.com

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