Entrepreneurial Workshop

08 November 2017

Johannesburg – 8 November 2017 - Financially-savvy, trained and driven entrepreneurs will build South Africa’s future as the country navigates through the struggles of a broader economic downturn. At a recent and inspirational workshop hosted by MyBucks, a Fintech company that embraces technology as a means to provide financial products and services, in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, South Africa, entrepreneurial training and guidance was the theme of the day, as MyBucks plays its role in helping communities realise their entrepreneurial potential.

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Workshop sourced budding entrepreneurs from the Krugersdorp area and presented on a range of entrepreneurial skills and tools, to help strengthen local businesses in their pursuit of successful entrepreneurial futures. On the day, local women were guided in depth, from how to bring a business idea to life, how to market it, how to navigate marketing tools and platforms, and of course how to position and differentiate themselves in the local market.

For many of these women, Entrepreneurial endeavour is not only commendable, but essential. So, we wanted to offer support in the form of skills and direction, to help them grow their businesses. It is this very support that many have never received before; and how it inspired them was not only deeply moving, but economically encouraging for our future.

Presentations also ranged from how to manage their finances to drawing up a budget, to the broader structure of logistical business development. The day helped business owners package and deliver on their entrepreneurial vision. Even credit - its dangers and advantages

  • were discussed in detail and the complexities of how to keep a business sustainable: We found that many of the women did not understand why their profits were so low for example, so we worked through the actual logistics of business maintenance to help uncover some of their business issues, to aid them going forward.

Women also received appropriate piggy-banks to strengthen the culture of saving, and MyBucks provided convenient business notebooks and lunch. The most important offering however, came in the form of business knowledge and MyBucks believes it could change the outlook of many small businesses in the area who might never get the chance again to be offered support of this nature:

The true pleasure will ultimately come in the form of success, seeing small businesses like this grow and flourish with this input. That is the long-term goal, after all.

About MyBucks

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